Etherpoint Location

To get from three-dimensional space to etherspace, a spaceship has to cross through a system’s etherpoint.
Astral VTT

Virtual Tabletops

Unpopular opinion: virtual tabletops are video games, not pen-&-paper RPGs.
Space Combat Rule 2

The Second Rule of Space Combat

The second rule of space combat in the Voidpunk Universe is: There Are No Hex Maps.

The Terrible Old Man

Besides some solid existential dread, the story also delivers a strong dose of racism.
Conan of Cimmeria

Conan of Cimmeria

Let the editorial atrocities continue.
Migo Artifact

The Federation Age

Artifacts from the Federation Age too can make you famous or rich, or paint a target on your back.

Project Limbos

Everything’s chugging along at its own good time.


Not all of etherspace is navigable by every ship, navigable at all, computable, or known.
The Shadow Out of Time

The Shadow Out of Time

The publication history of “The Shadow Out of Time” is a 4-in-1 value set of writer’s nightmares.


Beyond protection, a shocksuit’s most important components are its combat electronics and weapon system APIs.