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Prof. Dr. J. Martin
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voidpunk.com does not collect personal data. Or any data, for that matter.

Outgoing Links

While I make every effort to check the hyperlinks I provide for your convenience and informational purposes, I cannot take responsibility for external content that is not under my editorial control. Also, linking to external sites does not constitute endorsement or approval. Why do I even have to say this? Because law courts in a number of countries profess to not understand the internet.

Communication Channels

I always have an open ear on the Fediverse under my handle @gyokusai. Other options are my WeChat ID betweendrafts, my Threema ID J8UET5Z6, or WhatsApp and Signal via +49 172 2428889. Email is also okay, either at j.martin@hey.com or j@voidpunk.com. Finally, on my blog between drafts or at my linktr.ee page you’ll find a huge list of social networks where you can meet me if you want to. (Apart from my regular blog, there’s also my secret level just drafts where I write on game-based learning topics.)