Cosmic Cliffs of Madness

The tallest peaks of these “Cosmic Cliffs” are seven light-years high.
The Picture in the House

The Picture in the House

Welcome to the Miskatonic Valley.
Blasting Shoggoths

Game Engine Wishlist

You have to pry Lua from my cold, dead keyboards.
Vacation Notice

Vacation Time!

Vacation time! This blog will go on hiatus for the entire month of August.


Three-dimensional fractals are a blast.
SMACS 0723

A Deep Field Into Doom

Population III space might hold things that even the most hideous gods have to fear.

Playable Species of the Void

A brief look at human species diversity and character generation in the Voidpunk role-playing system.

Conan the Wanderer

Let’s proceed on our scenic journey along the blazing train wrecks of Lancer’s Conan edition.
Game Loop Sketch

A Voidpunk Game: First Thoughts

No clear compass yet where this is going, or if it’s going anywhere at all, but it might be fun to try.
5k Ellipsoid

Etherpoint Ellipsoids

An exciting introduction into etherpoint topography and its basis in real-world algebraic geometry.