Novel in Progress

Hovering around the midpoint.
The Shunned House

The Shunned House

The Shunned House had almost become Lovecraft’s very first published work.
Kepler K2-138 System (Artist's Concept)


A brief guide to ethercoils.

RPG Illustrations Part I

On genre, period, and presentation styles.
Assistant Bunnehs

New Year’s Progress Report

Didn’t get done a lot lately, but that’s okay in the grand scheme of things.
Artifact Hunting

Artifact Hunting

Artifact hunting can be exciting and lucrative, but it might also paint a target on your back.
Mythos Gods

The Vagueness of the Gods

Mental deterioration and eventual madness is the only form of understanding there is.
The God in the Bowl

The God in the Bowl

Let’s dive into some Robert E. Howard lore for a bit.
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Game Endings

Endings become interesting when they involve particular types of choices and player decisions.


No, ESP isn’t more scientific than fantasy magic! It’s only wrapped in different clothes.